About Us

Legacy Tax and Resolution Services, headquartered in Scottsdale AZ and operating in all 50 states has grown to one of the largest firms by becoming the experts in our Core Disciplines’.

We do four things extremely well; provide superior tax preparation/planning, consumer debt settlement/credit restoration, aggressive tax resolution representation/controversy and business profit maximization coaching.

For over 17 years we have continued to refine our skills while others are trying to be everything to everyone.

We learned a long time ago, the one stop shop philosophy does not work. The unfortunate outcome from this philosophy, most offices are generalist in a vast number of areas and an expert at none.

How Do I Know Your Accountant's One Stop Shop Is Not Working?

Because taxpayers give the IRS too much money every year...It’s true! According to a study conducted by the General Accounting Office (GAO), 2.2 million Americans overpay their income taxes to the tune of nearly $1 billion. So why do taxpayers give Uncle Sam such a hefty handout? The answer’s simple: Most folks don’t know they’re doing it and unfortunately neither do their so called tax professions

Why Did We Choose These Specific Core Disciplines?

Answer: Each provides a symbiotic relationship along the business live cycle

Tax Planning/Preparation

As a result of our continuous refinement of our core disciplines we are able provide our customers, through the world, the lowest tax rates while protection them from audit red flags, with 100% Ironclad Guarantee. How do we accomplish this;

As a tax preparation and resolution firm we are preparing taxes all year long. We are honing our tax skills 365 days of the year. In every publication we read, to each seminar or workshop we attend, our primary focus is always tax reduction for our clients.

As Tax Resolution Firm we represent clients at audit, so we are very current on the audit red flags and help our clients properly prepare their supporting documentation.

We are Real People with a Desire to Make a Difference!

When we interview candidates for a position, one of our principle requirements is a desire to make a true lasting difference in the lives that they touch. We celebrate with every client that has a significant tax reduction through planning or reaching a positive resolution to their tax problems.

Free Tax Resolution Consultation!

If you have never been a client of ours, the first step is to call or come in for your confidential, no obligation, free evaluation. An experienced certified tax resolution specialist will evaluate your situation and discuss all available options for resolving your tax debt. This generally takes about 30 – 45 minutes; however, there are times where the information provided at this meeting is not sufficient to determine a course of action. It is advised to have/bring all recent Notices and correspondence from the government agencies to the meeting.

Get Tax Advice From The Expert!